Commercial Photography & Videography


Recently, I created a photo essay and marketing materials for the legendary Bob Kramer Knives. The works of art that Bob creates deserves only the best in product photography and videography, and I aimed to exceed the expectations.


This section is to showcase my event work. I run a wedding videography company here in San Diego called “New Leaf Cinema,” much of this content comes from that avenue.

This is a collection of my product photography! Some of the featured products include Food, Sunglasses, and Artwork.


I started as a surf photographer then quickly moved into any sport I could get my camera into! Here is a collection of sports themed work!

A collection of videos that were created for the purpose of obtaining social media attention for things like whether events, local events, as well as other things that I was interested in.


I am a big advocate for the planet and this section is dedicated towards presenting work that was aimed to help the environment.